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Material: Oil
Size: 70 CM X 83 CM, Date: 1988


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1940 - Born in Didimotiko

1948-1986 - Lived in Hungary and Bulgaria

1955-1960 - Graduated from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Sofia

1986 - Present - Residing in Thessaloniki, Greece

Solo Exhibitions

1965, 1971, 1978 Sofia.
1971 Paris.
1979 Blagoevgrand.
1980, 1982, 1984, Art Gallery "Panselinos", Thessaloniki.
1986, 1993 Art Gallery "Little Coffee", Alexandroupoli.
1987 Art Gallery "Kreonidis", Athens.
1988-1991 Art Gallery "Artforum", Thessaloniki.
1989-1991 Art Gallery "Ersis", Athens.
1990-1991 Art Gallery "Gallery 88", Luxemburg.
1992 Art Gallery "Lotos", Vienna.
1993 Art Gallery "Ersis", Athens.
1994 Art Gallery "Lotos, Vienna.
1995 Art Gallery "Artforum", Thessaloniki.
1996 Art Gallery "Iris", Trikala.
1997 Art Gallery "Vilka-Artforum", Thessaloniki.
1997 Art Gallery "Ersis", Athens.
1998 Art Gallery "Iris", Trikala.
1999 Art Gallery "Rajko Alexiev", Sofia.
2000 Art Gallery "Vilka-Artforum", Thessaloniki.
2000 Art Gallery "Lotos", Vienna.
2003 Art Gallery "Rarity", Mykonos.
2004 Art Gallery "Gallery 88", Luxemburg.
2004 Art Gallery "ART Gallery", Alexandroupoli.
Group Exhibitions

1966, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1976, 1980 Sofia.
1968 Neon, Sofia.
1968-1980 Sea Friends, Burgas, Sozopol.
1970, 1977 World Exhibition of realistic painting, Sofia.
1972-1976 Neon, Sofia.
1977 Contemporary Bulgarian Painting, Moscow, Mongolia.
1978 Contemporary Bulgarian Painting, Prague, Warsaw.
1979 World Exhibition, Cannes.
1979 Contemporary Bulgarian Painting, Mexico.
1981 Botebgrand, Targoviste.
1982 Best Art Paintings of 1981.
1983 Blagoevgrand.
1986 Contemporary Bulgarian Painting, Madrid, Spain.
1987 Athens.
1988 Art Gallery "Artforum", Thessaloniki.
1989 Art Gallery "Ersis", Athens.
1990 Art Gallery "Artforum", Thessaloniki.
1991 Artists of Northern Greece, Zappeion, Athens.
1992 Artists of Northern Greece, Zappeion, Athens.

His works can be found in Museums in Bulgaria as well as in Museums Goulandri, Pierides, Vorres, and more.

His works can also be found in private collections in LONDON,USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,POLAND,BELGIUM,SWEDEN,BULGARIA,RUSSIA,GREECE,FRANCE,JAPAN, and many other countries.

Garoudis uses matter, color, and light with hallucinating truth to form an incredible display of semi photographic realism which he achieves through the use of wooden fragments, ropes, metal objects, and draperies. With all of his talent he manages to create pieces of amazing geometry and imagination.

"What art can do against the smooth stone ... When the sea goes out?"