PORTRAIT OF GREEK - BORN POLISH GALLERIST , ARTIST , ART COLLECTOR AND GALLERY OWNER MARIUSZ STOKOWIEC is known for his diverse series of work created with oil, acrylic, resin and neon installation however he is best known for his Gatherings series. His Gatherings, sculpture-like 3-dimensional figures, are the embodiment of 4 decades of work. Each painting literally and figuratively jumps off the canvas and dances Greek in a synergistic halo of light, depth, color and action. They are a celebration of the Human Spirit.

“The work you see today is the product of a life lived. It is those past and present experiences that motivate me to create. Everything that matters happens when people come together, life is a series of gatherings that all add up to a life that is lived.’’Mariusz’’ work is collected world wide, his clients include Fortune 500 executives, senior political figures, Royal Family members, Hollywood A-listers, music and sport celebrities. He currently resides in the Santorini.From 2011 his Gallery meet famous works of art from different artists, such as,Philolaos, Costa Coulentianos,Christos Karas , Giorgos Lambru , Giannis Pappas ,Parvine Curie ,Eric Claus, Fanny Ferre,Memos Makris,K.Loukopulos.Papaxristos Andreas,Giorgos Georgiadis, Gabriella Simossi,Yannis Gaitis.A specially designed room offers the opportunity to privately enjoy your favourite piece of art and imagine it in your space.

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